Support, Transportation, And Resource Services

for cancer patients living in Amador County

Camp Out for Cancer Photo Archive

Looking for old photos from our earliest "Camp Out for Cancer" fundraisers? Use these links to albums hosted on Shutterfly (no account needed to view the photos).

Thanks to Robin Neal, John Otto, Carl Olson, and Mike and Ginger Rolf for taking photos through the years!

  • 2009 Photos
  • 2008 Photos
  • 2007 Photos Part 1
  • 2007 Photos Part 2
  • 2007 Photos Part 3
  • 2006 Photos
  • 2005 Photos
  • 2004 Photos

Fundraising Events

Our FREE programs and services are made possible by generous donations from individuals, sponsorships from local businesses, and annual fundraising events. We hope you will join us!